Justin is a secret undercover expat currently residing in a secluded beach cove located near Nha Trang, Vietnam. So far he is blending in as a native and the locals have yet to discover his true non-Viet identity. He goes by the name Sinh Ty and has a back story of being born near Sigon to a poor farming family and later traveling north on the back of a motorbike. His accent is perfect while ordering morning coffee, "Em oi! Cafe Dang Da com dune." No one suspects a thing. His pale white skin is like a shield to suspision. His 6' 2" height makes picking jack fruit easy and winning friendship easier. His blond hair and hairy arms have givin him the nickname "Monkey." It's like natural camoflage that covers his entire body. When he's not executing top secret missions, he's creating silly drawings and animated gifs with the 90minutecomics team.


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