And then I says to her, I’ve already seen Uranus.Speaking of anuses, old chap it might be time to tighten the ol’ asteroid belt. That there jupiter has been pointing his grotesque red eye at our side of the solar system with one heck of a might vengance. We can’t let him crawl into our territory and start gravitating our women. Thinks he’s such a stinking bigshot I tell you dude man we can’t stant for it. Look at Venus over there, looking all sexy. Jupiter would suck her into is core and crush her. Leaave us nothing but scraps, From such beuaty! And Mercuary! Oh my sweet, sweet mercuray. I’ll marry that girl one day I tell you. and we’ll have two and half kids, white picket fence. One of those Tom Sawyer fence jawns. That you have to repaint every couple years. Real authentic like. I’ll pay the kids twenty five space dollars each year to paint it they’ll have such blast. with those brushes and those roll jammers. Jammers! That’s a great word you can use it for anything. I’m a jammer. You’re a jammer, He’s a jammer, She’s a jammer we’re all just jammers Earth ol’ buddy floating in this endless abyss. It’s a rough universe out there and we’re all lucky to have some fellow jammers to get along with. I’m so glad I’m floating next to you Earth, my old compatriot. I feel like you really understand me. Like you get me on the deepest of levels. I’m not just dirt and dust and redness, you know. There’s more inside me. That’s why you’ve been sending all these wheely robots. To keep me company. I need that company I get lonely here when we get seperated. I dont have one of those of fancy moons you and the other planet jammers have to keep me company. And they’re funny too those robo jammers. Scooting around getting all tickely. They really scratch my underbelly if you know what I mean. I say old chap I haven’t been scratched like that since before the big bang, When we were all jammed up on top of eachother. Yeah you know we were prrtty much one thing then and it was great. i felt so cozy back then you know. those were the days I tell you. Those were the days when you felt like you could really trust peopeople. not like now, with Jupiter over there looking all sug

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